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 [GM]Chukiba Gm Application

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PostSubject: [GM]Chukiba Gm Application   [GM]Chukiba Gm Application I_icon_minitimeTue May 25, 2010 2:36 pm

Hey, its Chukiba here, applying to keep my job as a GM Very Happy

Name: Andrew, but my friends call me Andy, or Andie

Sex: Male

Age: 14, My Birthday is 31/10/1995

About Me: Theres not much to talk about me Razz I like maplestory ofcourse, I play basketball, I live in France yet im not french and alot more, that i cant really think at the top of my head.

How Long Have You Been Playing Maplestroy For?: I got introduced to maplestory around 4 years ago by a friend. I played Maplestory Europe for a year until i quit maplestory. I rejoined it for a month or 2 and then moved on to my 1st private server, which i think was AcientMs. I have made a maplestory Private server called SweetMs but it failed so i shut it down. I know alot about Maplestory know, And i can give handy trainning tips, and i know how to handle most error codes inside and out of game.

How Long Have You Played MsNick For?: To tell the truth i dont really remember when i joined MsNick. It should be around when the v.62 MsNick upgraded to v.75. I remember playing amongst people like [GM]Angel, [GM]Kimberlee, [owner]nick, Mychars and others. I have alot of ScreenShots of various periods of times Ive been in MsNick so i can upload all of them if you want.

Do You Have Any Exsperience Of a Gm?: Other than the fact i was an Admin on my own private server, I havent had any exsperience as a Gm until now in MsNick, When [owner]Nick made me one because i was helpful and nice. However i did post a Gm App on a different private server when i was 13, and it got accepted, until someone thought i was too young for the job and needed to be atleast 16.

How Will You Not Abuse Your Gm Powers?: I have been known to abuse my Gm powers on this Server when i 1st became a Gm. But i have learned from ym Mistakes and am more responsible as i got more used to hvaing the job as a Gm. I Know all of the Gm Commands, and have a trusty Handbook just incase :p. Ill help people when ever they call as long as im not helping someone else at the moment. And ill begin to learn The Gm Rule Book, that i am currently waiting for [GM]Kimberlee to post ;p

Contact: You can contact me at

Ty you for taking your time reading this extremely long Gm App x)
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[GM]Chukiba Gm Application
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