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 lAndyl's GM APPLICATION ! (feel free to read) (:

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you gots my vote :D
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you are alright ;)
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its okay .. :|
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its horrible D:<
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PostSubject: lAndyl's GM APPLICATION ! (feel free to read) (:   Fri Dec 11, 2009 1:22 am

Name: Andy Ha Razz
Age: 15
About yourself:
heey , im andy, i love to play maplestory with friends, ps3, and basically, im a computer/social freak 8]
I have been gm for twoo servers. Naricain MS and Music MS. I should know all the commands like !killall, !dc, !whosthere, !item id number of item, !warp 180000001 <gmmap> , etc ..
Why you want to be a GM:
i would really love to be gm because i love to make maplers happy and have a great time while playing nick ms . i would host daily events since in old servers ive been hosting a event every day or maybe more in a day ! ++ OF COURSE I WOULD LOOK AND CHECK FOR HACKERS ! i do not like hackers messing up the servers .. they make people not enjoy maplestory as much even though this server is amazing.
How did you find out about NickMS?:
i found nickms in the top 200 and i already knew i would have a great time ! ive had experiences and this was one of the best servers ive ever played ! the exp are amazing , i just love it (:
Ingame Name: lAndyl the l's are L's x]
How long can you be on for each day?: I could be on 6 hours or more but this christmas i might be on vacations . but trust, i am always active and helping maplers have the best time they could ever have (:
How long have you been playing Maple for?:
In this server, ive started almost a week now, participated in some events , and i had the time of my life training in the fms ! i started maplestory when it just came out . so 2005-06 ? got bored and started mapleSEA . got bored quit , heard about odinms, then all these new servers were made, and im very grateful that this server was made (:
What can you do for the server?:
i could hold many events , catch every hacker i see (guaranteed) and help all maplers with questions and help right away.
Favorite Maplestory Class of the 7, (Mage, Rouge, Warrior, Archer, Pirate, Aran, Cygnus):
well , with the information i got from the job aran, i know it uses with pole arms which is powerful, but they are the same as warrior. aran just has better combos and more damage. i wouldnt pick warrior because even though its strong and everything, you have to use a certain weapon to use dragon roar, and the only thing i like about it is combo attack.same goes with archer. you could only use a arrow to do arrow rain. i wouldnt choose cygnus because its all of the jobs but you could only have that job and not have anything else. For example im a mage and want to be a cleric, but for cygnus i could only have flame wizard. with rouge, i like it, but they dont have a all screen hit kind of skill. same goes with pirate. i would pick a mage because i love being a cleric. Even though i have low hp, i could still use my mp to heal people and myself. i could use teleport to go faster, use arrows to kill, and the best part is getting genesis to hit the whole screen with a one hand sword !
EXTRAS : just want to say im willing to work with the gm's of nick ms and help maplers to have a GREAT time ! , now time to play some nick ms !
any contact information get at me at :
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[GM]Beanie :3
[GM]Beanie :3

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PostSubject: Re: lAndyl's GM APPLICATION ! (feel free to read) (:   Mon Jan 11, 2010 4:40 am

Nice App Smile

But You don't play anymore -.-"
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lAndyl's GM APPLICATION ! (feel free to read) (:
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