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 [GM]Nikki Apllcation w/e

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PostSubject: [GM]Nikki Apllcation w/e   [GM]Nikki Apllcation w/e I_icon_minitimeTue May 25, 2010 4:48 pm

1. What is your name?

2. How old are you?

3. Gender?

4. Tell me a little bit about yourself.
Well im Filpino/Chinese/Spainsh/Azn and if ur going ask if i can speak it i cant speak that much.
as again im 13.
i live in Murrieta
i go to Thompson Middle School
im kinda cool at school
well if you need anymore information ask question below ill
edit this

5. How many hours do u play?
i cant go on weekdays so only weekends sorry i will be unactive in 2 weeks so i can mostly go on everyday. NOT FOR MY LIFE

6. Why do you think you should be chosen? Why?
Well i should get chosen beacuse i think i can approve this sever.
i can bann hackers. well if ur going say "well ya you can bann people when your gm"
i mean like ya.. nvm ill just say i can bann
i always help new comers.
i am nice/friendly and dont lose my cool
7. Why do you think you will NOT be chosen? Why?
i shouldn't be chosen beacuse i might be inactive.. sorry
as again i said i will be inactive in 2 weeks
and i really dont know why i should be choesn
i always dont get chosen beacuse my app isnt good. so ya
8. Do you have any previous experience?
Why yes i have Kenny/Volcano/Owner lol i been
Level 4=2
Level 3=5
Level 2= Never
Level 1= Never?

9. Can you code? And what type? (EX: NPCs, Player Commands, Etc...)
i could code.. ill ask my friend and ill ask my friend to msi
if u dont get it its like this
You post the npc its Coke Bear operator
you put stats on it up to 32767.
How people can desvere that? they give us 5000 maple leafs for 1 msi.
and thats mostly thats good for right now lol

10. Are you a good graphic designer? If yes please show me some examples! (No advertise)
no im not good at graphic designer sorry

11. If you were being harassed by a user what would you do? [BE HONEST]
ill warn them first
ill warn them again
ill jail/ not jail or keep dcing him so he cant get on
ill bann him..

12. What would you do if someone begged you and kept on spamming you for items/events? [BE HONEST]
mostly same thing
ill warn them first
ill warn them again
ill jail/not jail or keep dcing him so he cant get on
ill bann him...

13. If someone claimed they donated and asked you for their stuff what would you do?
i would say
"Im sorry i cant give anything out till kenny gives me permission im sorry "Ign".

14. How do you feel after you answered those questions?
i feel great and to be honest im going to think imma get the job
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[GM]Nikki Apllcation w/e Empty
PostSubject: Re: [GM]Nikki Apllcation w/e   [GM]Nikki Apllcation w/e I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 05, 2011 9:31 pm

Hey how have you been lately Nikki?
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[GM]Nikki Apllcation w/e
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