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 My Gm App ~Moster~ :3

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My Gm App ~Moster~ :3 Empty
PostSubject: My Gm App ~Moster~ :3   My Gm App ~Moster~ :3 I_icon_minitimeTue May 25, 2010 12:46 am

Hey my name is Rachel and im not so good at making these sowwie but imma go buy the rules Very Happy enjoyy

Name: Rachel Jessalynn Shore~ full name lol

Age:19,yes i no thats a lil old x.x

About myself: theres not really much to say about me but i can be really random,funny,annoying,stupid, u name it i have been it b4 (:. i love soccer and dont let this hert my app but yes. i am prego x.x but that doesnt affect my playing really cuz im not far into it

ingame name: Moster

How long have u played Maplestory for?: ive played it probably around 3~4 years

How long have u played Msnick?: ive been playing it since the ending of v62 of this server

Do u have any exp of being gm?: yes i have a very high exp level. i know alot of commands and such off the top of my head Very Happy, i know wat is expected of me and i will do it when and however needed.

What will u do as a gm?: im not gonna sit and say im gonna be way better than all of the other gms cuz that would make me a stuck up brat but i logg on everyday i can do daily events,help others,etc

how will u not abuse ur powers?: alot of gms like to play around and jail members for fun I WILL NOT DO THAT (even though its funny :3) im not gonna go around and give free items i like it when msnickians have to put effert into getting wat they want.

do u play any other private servers currently?: yes i play one called PockyMS (not that great)

Contact info: i have msn ( add me (:

well all i can really say hope to get accepted ttyl all msnickians <3 xD
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My Gm App ~Moster~ :3
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